A local church asked me to perform on memorial day some years ago. I went looking for a cover song I could sing that worked well for me, but I was unable to find anything suitable. Shortly thereafter, the idea for this song came to me. It took awhile for me to complete the arrangement and make a professional recording in Nashville. Some time passed and my family began insisting that a video was going to be necessary for No Turning Back to achieve its greatest potential. With no experience, I spent about 2 months producing what you see now which was finished just a couple days before the 4th. Many see No Turning Back as a powerful expression of America’s past, present and future. How awesome it would be to see it serve as a unifying force in the current movement of nationalistic pride and the fervor amongst many to wrestle back and reaffirm our Independence for the furtherance of American freedom into a new century of greatness that surpasses that of the last. But hey, I am kind of bias. In the end, “It all comes down to you. Will you restore the honor and fight for what is true?” Alex Justin July 4th, 2016
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